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Why do a PhD at PSTO?

The students of our course have the opportunity to learn from top national experts in social, work and organization psychology, and in addition to this they are offered a solid foundation in psychological measurement and the development of psychological instruments.


Excellence in research: PSTO focuses on producing innovative and relevant knowledge for the university and for society as a whole. The course was recently evaluated by CAPES with level 6, which highlights it as a course of excellence and a reference for the area.

2. Results of graduates: Our graduates work with research, teaching and management in practically the entire national territory, and a substantial portion of them occupies management positions in the government.
3. Stimulating environment: In our activities, we strive for scientific spirit, critical thinking and respect for scientific controversies.

International connections: We seek dialogue with researchers worldwide and encourage the inclusion of our students in international debates and the inclusion of students from different nations.